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Surveys in peak season

February 22nd, 2018


Webstatus is not a seasonal service, but there are advantages with running a Webstatus survey at a particular time of year.

Why undergo a Webstatus survey in certain peak seasons?

We are often asked by our customers when the best period would be to run a Webstatus survey. In this article we refer to peak season as the period in the year when the webpage has its highest traffic. More traffic, means more feedback and quality reports.

Below we explain some of the benefits.

  • Additional traffic to your webpage will increase the number of answers for more reliable results

This means that you will have a larger amount of completed surveys on all devices, allowing for a more accurate comparison in device performance.

On sites that have lower traffic in general, it will increase your opportunity to receive enough data on all devices as sometimes in off-season, it is required to run surveys for a longer timespan to collect the data needed.

  • Get feedback from a larger and more diverse audience

The quality of data is improved as you will receive more answers from a larger and more diverse audience. It will capture the feedback of non-frequent visitors. It will give more insight to how intuitive they find the webpage.

Running during peak season allows you to reach out to an audience that you would possibly not be able to reach off season.

  • Knowing who the visitors are

Demographic information is collected within the overall research. Receiving the correct overview of you visitor’s gender, age, education and occupation can help understand the needs of the site and can be very helpful if you work with advertisement, branding etc.

Industries with peak seasons the upcoming months (October, November and December) are: 

  • Educatione.g. schools and universities
  • Web shops
  • NGO
  • Tourism
  • Foode.g. cooking and recipe websites

Please contact us if you would like more information or wish to run in your peak season.