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The behavior of Userneeds’ Swedish panel members reflects the lack of intervention from the Swedish government

March 24th, 2020

The government in Sweden is taking less precautions with regards to the coronavirus compared to the other Nordic countries and this clearly shows in the behavior and measurements taken by the Swedish population.


Userneeds has asked our panel members in the Nordics as well as Ireland the following question: “Which of the following precautions have you taken due to the coronavirus?”
The panel members were given the options below and they could choose all the options that were relevant to them:

· Cancelled work related events and plans (for instance meetings)

· Followed the news more than I normally do

· Cancelled a vacation

· Cancelled bigger events such as concerts, parties, sport events etc.

· Avoided unnecessary contact with other people

· Bought hand sanitizer

· Cancelled private appointments such as dinner plans

· Bought more groceries than I normally do

· Washed my hands more than I normally do

· I haven’t done any of the above

· Don’t know


The quick poll has been answered by thousands of people in Denmark, Sweden and Ireland and nearly 1000 people in Norway and Finland respectively. Sweden stands out in basically all of the answer options which makes sense considering how the country is not experiencing the same lock down as for instance Denmark. In other words, 19 percent of the Swedish panel members have cancelled work related event, whereas the same goes for approximately 40 percent in the other panels. Likewise, 70-80 percent follow the news more closely in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Ireland. The same figure in Sweden is 40 percent. The exact same figures appear if you look at the option: “Avoided unnecessary contact with other people“, which is chosen by 38 percent of the Swedes and 86 percent of the Norwegian and Irish panel members.


10 percent of both the Danish and Swedish panel members, however, state that they have been shopping more than usual. In Norway this goes for 20 percent, in Finland 27 percent and finally 36 percent of Userneeds’ Irish panel members have been shopping more than usual.


Only between 2 and 5 percent of the panel members who have answered the quick poll state that they haven’t done any of the listed things due to the coronavirus.


We hope that the whole thing will soon be over. Take good care of yourself and each other!