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The climate has a great influence on the Danes’ eating habits

October 9th, 2020

Danes are already eating plenty of vegetables and are good at finding alternative solutions for meat and milk. But the level of ambition has become high among the Danes. A new study shows that more people want to be even more climate-friendly when it comes to their eating habits.

In the last couple of years, the focus on climate has increased. We sort garbage, recycle and think about our food consumption. A study conducted by Userneeds for the Danish supermarket chain Føtex shows that Danes think more about the climate when they shop for groceries, than they did ealier. The study is based on responses from 3,000 of Userneeds’ Danish members in the age 18-75. More than one third have answered that they think they will change their eating habits over the next two years to eat more climate-friendly. They will do this in several ways, by eating less meat, eating more vegetables, as well as eating more seasonal, organic or local food.

22 percent of the respondents even answered that they have completely opted out of certain products as they were not sufficiently climate-friendly.

Føtex is working towards this development and has set a goal of becoming more climate-friendly by e.g.  selling items with recyclable packaging and by selling less plastic. However, they assure their meat-loving customers that the steaks are not being removed from the shelves. Instead, they strive to make climate-friendly alternatives more accessible.

Karin Helene Sommer, Marketing Director at Føtex, confirms that there is an increasing request for climate-friendly products, and she has an idea that this development is only the beginning.

If this development continues, Denmark can look forward to a more climate-friendly future.

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