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The Danes are the most punctual

April 23rd, 2018


How often are you on time? Are you always running five minutes late, or are you rather present five minutes too early? We have asked our panel members in the Nordics and Ireland how often they are on time.

People in the Nordics have a reputation for always being on time and according to a recent quick poll it seems to be true. When asked “How often are you on time?” 47 percent of the Danish panel members answer “I am always on time”. The same goes for 36 percent of the Norwegian members, 38 of the Swedish and 39 of the Finnish. In Ireland, however, the figure is a bit lower and 30 percent have answered “I am always on time”.

A lot of panel members have also chosen the category “81-99 percent of the time”. 42 percent in both Ireland, Finland and Denmark are on time almost to every appointment and 46 percent of Userneeds’ Swedish panel members and 48 percent of Userneeds’ Norwegian panel members can say the same thing. This brings us back to how the people in the Nordics are on time as between 81 percent (Finland) and 89 percent (Denmark) state that they are either always on time or on time 81-99 percent of the time. In Ireland 72 percent have chosen one of the two options.