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The Danes are hydrated on the go

July 23rd, 2020

The Danes are happy to stay hydrated in the car. Userneeds has made a new study for Cirkle K, which looks deeper into the Danes’ favorite drinks on the go.

A new survey conducted by Userneeds for Cirkle K shows that there is a high tendency among Danes to stop to buy supplies for the ride. Seven out of ten Danes have answered that they have drinks with them in the car.

But what do Danes prefer to drink then? The survey shows that Danes lean towards the healthy choice and choose to drink water on the go, rather than the unhealthier alternative such as soda, which every third resort to.

Only 26 percent have answered that they prefer coffee on the go, and here black coffee in particular is popular. Over half of the men answered that they would rather take a black coffee with them.

One must ask oneself whether this is due to the fact that it is also most often those who sit behind the wheel during family road trips.

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