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The Danes want to fly less in the future

March 5th, 2021

There are many indications that the Danes have discovered alternative holiday options. This is shown by a new study conducted by Userneeds for Ingeniørforeningen, IDA, where every third Dane has expressed that they want to fly less in the future.

At a time where people dream about warmer weather or a break from everyday life, it can be sad not to have the opportunity to jump on the next plane. The corona crisis has affected our daily lives in many ways, and it is likely to affect our future flying habits as well. A new study that Userneeds has conducted for Ingeniørforeningen, IDA, shows that the epidemic has also been an eye opener for Danes when it comes to their flying habits. 30 percent have answered: “I do not want to fly as often as I did before the corona crisis” or “I want to fly shorter distances than I did before the corona crisis” or “I want to stop flying completely”.

According to Thomas Damkjær Petersen, Chairman of Ingeniørforeningen, IDA, it is good news for the climate that so many have opened their eyes to the fact that it is great to be on holiday in Denmark, and that you can travel in other ways than by plane.

However, he finds it important to point out that he does not want to dissuade people from flying in the future. The epidemic has had negative consequences for many industries, including air traffic. But when it comes to the climate and the goal of lowering CO2 emissions, it is good that more people have opened their eyes to alternative travel options, he believes. It is also expected that air traffic will increase again as soon as the world opens, and in this connection, IDA is working to develop alternative fuels with technologies such as power-to-x, which will help reduce CO2 emissions.

You can read more about the survey in Danish here.