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The Danes worry about having their identity stolen

April 9th, 2021

We hear many horrifying stories about cybercriminals finding access to and abusing people’s accounts and personal information. Therefore, it is not surprising that many Danes are fearing that it will happen to them. A survey conducted by Userneeds for Ingeniørforeningen, IDA, shows that more than every other Dane has this concern.

Cybercriminals are becoming more and more adept at fooling and hacking innocent internet users. Therefore, we need to be careful when we are browsing the internet, and the Danes are well aware of this.

A new survey conducted by Userneeds for Ingeniørforeningen, IDA, shows that 6 out of 10 Danes are totally or partly worried about identity theft. The survey is based on 2,000 responses from Userneeds’ Danish panel members in the age 18-70.

The result of the study does not surprise Jørn Guldberg, who works with IT security at IDA. He believes that there is good reason to be concerned. In smaller cases, it can be easily and quickly detected, but once the criminals have obtained one’s NemID information (a common log-in solution for Danish Internet banks, government websites and some other private companies), it immediately becomes more complicated. He adds that if one’s information has been used in several different contexts, it can be difficult to prove when it is oneself who committed these acts and when it is the criminals. Likewise, it can create great uncertainty about exactly what information has been stolen and whether it has been resold to other criminals.

Guldberg therefore encourages Danes to be extra careful when it comes to sharing personal information online. Among other things, you can make sure you have antivirus software downloaded to your computer and encrypt the wireless network. In addition, it is a good idea to avoid disclosing sensitive information on the web and social media.

You can read more about the survey in Danish here.