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The government’s plan for opening of the borders is supported by the Danes

June 16th, 2020

Newest report from Userneeds and the analysis and consulting firm, Moos-Bjerre, are showing an overall support from the Danes to the government’s plan for opening of the borders in Denmark. At the same time, the government experience a pressure from among others business organizations, Danish researchers, and EU, who believe that the borders should open more in Denmark.

The latest report from Userneeds and the analysis and consulting firm, Moos-Bjerre, who follows the situation with corona close every week, shows that the Danes overall are supporting the government’s plan for opening of the borders. According to 49 percent of respondents then the government has made an appropriate plan for the opening. This applies both to departures from Denmark to other countries and to foreigners’ entry into Denmark. This support from the Danes to the government is at the same time as EU, business organizations and several Danish researchers are pushing to open the borders further.

The European Commission made a clear and ambiguous encouragement to the Member States that the internal border controls should be removed. This should be done within two weeks at the latest and preferably from Monday, June 15. At the same time, several researchers are speaking for an expanded reopening.

It was highlighted on Friday by Jens Lundgren, professor of infectious medicine at Rigshospitalet, that it is worth considering starting to open Danish borders to countries other than just Germany, Iceland and Norway, as the spread of coronavirus infection in Denmark is under control. Søren Riis Paludan, professor of biomedicine at the University of Aarhus, supports this and states: “With the infection pressure and the development that has been in the infection pressure in general, I would say that the costs of keeping the borders closed are becoming greater than by opening.”

Michael Svane, Industry Director for Transport in Danish Industry states: “We believe that the government should quickly reconsider whether Denmark should be the country in Europe that has the most restrictive entry and exit policy.” This statement is supported by Brian Mikkelsen, CEO of Dansk Erhverv, who states: “There is no doubt that the limited opening costs Danish growth and Danish jobs.”

Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod states that he is open to look at the Danish travel guides. However, he did not promise anything concrete or set a date for possible update of the guides.

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