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The Internet connection causes challenges in the home office

March 15th, 2021

Since Denmark’s first lockdown on March 11, 2020, more people have become used to working from home. However, this radical change has not been easy for everyone. A new survey conducted by Userneeds for Ingeniørforeningen, IDA, shows that around one in ten have experienced problems with the internet connection or have had other IT problems.

Many Danes have gradually had their homes transformed into a workplace. This has opened their eyes to the need for a good internet connection and generally good IT solutions. Unfortunately, not everyone has had the best experience. A survey conducted for IDA among 643 of Userneeds’ Danish panel members who worked at home during the shutdown shows that more than one in ten have had IT or Internet problems. 4 percent answered that they have had very big challenges, 5 percent have had big challenges and 13 percent have had some challenges.

In a short period of time, there have been high requirements for the Danes’ IT skills and this change has forced the Danes into getting familiar with IT, as you cannot physically walk over to a colleague to get help. However, Kåre Løvgren, who is the IT technical spokesman for IDA, does not believe that this is a dominant problem since Danes are generally well equipped in terms of IT skills. He points out that it especially is the internet connection that has caused problems and insecurity. This may be because of a generally poor connection or if they are living in one of the areas where there is no proper internet connection. The challenges can also occur when the entire household shares one internet connection at the same time.

Kåre Løvgren believes that the home office has come to stay. He sees the lockdown and the technical challenges it has caused as a major test of working life in the future. We need to turn our experiences into something good. We have learned a lot from these challenges, which will benefit us in the long run, he believes..

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