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The majority is bothered by getting older

April 17th, 2018

Old couple

It happens every year; your birthday. No matter how many times you turn 25 your id doesn’t lie, and you have become a year older. We have asked our panel members if getting older bothers them.

When asked the following question: “Does becoming older bother you?” We gave our panel members in the Nordics and Ireland the following options:

Yes, to a very high degree

Yes, to some degree



No, absolutely not

Don’t know

Not very many have chosen “Yes, to a very high degree”, in other words, only between 5 percent (Norway) and 9 percent (Sweden) really have a problem with getting older. That being said, quite many have chosen “Yes, to some degree”. In fact, 43 percent of Userneeds’ Irish panel members are bothered to some degree by getting older. In Finland the figure is 41 percent and in Denmark and Sweden it goes for respectively 34 and 39 percent. Userneeds’ Norwegian panel members seem to be the ones who are the least bothered by becoming older. Only 27 percent have thus answered “Yes to some degree”, whereas more than half, more specifically 55 percent, have chosen either “No” or “No, absolutely not”.

In Sweden, Norway and Denmark between 12 and 15 percent are more or less neutral when it comes to getting older and they have therefore answered “Either/or”. In contrast to these panel members, only 6 and 8 percent of the Finnish and Irish panel members answer the same thing. As already mentioned the majority of the Norwegians are not bothered by becoming older and neither are around 42 percent of the panel members in the remaining countries.

Finally, the quick poll reveals that most people know how they feel about getting older. Put differently, only one percent in each country have chosen the category “Don’t know”.