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The majority of our panel members prefer television

January 13th, 2021

We like staying updated on different news and some like staying more updated than others. Today, we have several options to get updated and there are a bunch of different news media. Especially since the covid-19 pandemic has entered our everyday, we follow the situation closely. At Userneeds, we found it interesting to ask our panel members in the Nordics and Ireland which device they primarily use to watch news.

Every day we are all bombarded with several news regarding a wide range of topics such as politics, local and global news, health, scandals, famous people and much more. Today, we have several ways to stay updated on all these news – different platforms, devices and news media. Maybe this has increased our need for always being updated on latest news. At Userneeds, we have asked our panel members in the Nordics and Ireland the following question in a quick poll: “Which device do you primarily use to watch news?”

The result shows that the majority of our panel members in all countries primarily use television as device to watch news. Between 51 percent (Denmark) and 67 percent (Ireland) prefer television as device – except Norway where 40 percent prefer this device. At the same time, more people in Norway prefer to use their mobile device (25 percent) or computer device (20 percent). In the remaining countries, between 15 percent (Ireland) and 21 percent (Denmark) primarily use mobile. Further, the amount of those who primarily use computer is 17 percent in Finland, 16 percent in Denmark and 11 percent in Sweden – only 6 percent in Ireland prefer computer.

Few people primarily use iPad as device to watch news. Between 4 percent (Ireland and Finland) and 11 percent (Norway) use iPad as primarily device.

The quick poll has thereby indicated that most of our panel members use television as primarily device to watch news. Further is Norway the country where more panel members primarily use mobile or computer compared to the other countries.

Thank you to those of you who have answered the quick poll. We hope you found the results interesting.