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The majority takes 11-20 minutes to get ready

May 18th, 2018


Sometimes when we ask our panel members in the Nordics and Ireland the same question, the answers can be very different, however, when it comes to getting ready in the morning the panel members spend an equal amount of time across countries.

We all know the feeling of getting up in the morning. For some it is easy and for others it is a struggle. Once you are up and awake you have to get ready. This may take a split second for some people as they only get dressed and head out whereas others spend a long time in front of the mirror. We asked our panel members in the Nordics and Ireland how long time they spend getting ready in the morning.

The majority of Userneeds’ panel members spend 11-20 minutes in the morning. More precisely, 26 percent of the Finnish panel members, 28 percent of the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian and finally 29 percent of the Irish panel members have chosen this option.

5-10 minutes is also a popular category as it has been chosen by between 20 and 23 percent. The third most chosen option is 21-30 minutes, which has been chosen by 17 percent in Finland and 23 percent in Ireland. Very few people thus spend between 46 and 60 minutes. In fact, this only goes for 7 percent and even fewer panel members spend more than an hour.