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The support for the Danish Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, has declined

April 28th, 2020

In Denmark we have experienced a sunny and lovely spring weather which have resulted in Danes getting together to hang out on popular places in Copenhagen. Thereby the Danes are slacking a bit on the safety regarding the corona virus and for the first time since the beginning of the corona crisis there is a decrease in the support for the Danish Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen. An overall plan for the further reopening is demanded.

The most recent survey from Userneeds in collaboration with the analysis and consulting firm, Moos-Bjerre, shows that the Danes are starting to slack on the safety regarding the corona virus as a result of the Danish weather being sunny and warm. The sun has resulted in more Danes meeting other people and enjoy the good weather. 81 percent of the Danes avoid unnecessary physical contact with other people, which is a decrease from 87 percent of the Danes a few weeks ago. Especially, by Islands Brygge and other popular places in Copenhagen the Danes get together and enjoy the lovely weather and each other’s company. This has led to a ruffle from the Chief of Police, Copenhagen Police, and the chairman of the Police Federation.

Further, there is a decline in the support for the government and the Prime Minister at the same time as more parties are demanding a comprehensive plan for the reopening of the government. Jacob Elleman-Jensen, chairman of the party Venstre, has stated that Mette Frederiksen and the government are giving messages in all possible directions in relation to the reopening of community.

The youngest children are slowly returning to their institutions and schools. Hairdressers, masseurs, dentists and other liberal professions are reopening. By contrast, malls, cafes, libraries and others still do not know when they can open again. In connection with the opening of zoos, there has been a lot of confusion, as it was announced that a reopening was planned on May 1, with some restrictions, as it was approved by the guide from the National Police and the health authorities. Both Simon Kollerup (S), Minister of Business, and Nick Hekkerup (S), Minister of Justice, stated that it was a bad idea to open the zoos and the same day the guide was changed, which is why the zoos do not open yet.

78 percent of the Danes believe that the government has handled the crisis well or very well, which is a decrease from 87 percent at first reading. This is similar to the satisfaction of the Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, where 77 percent believe she has handled the crisis well or very well, which is a decrease from 88 percent at the beginning of the crisis.

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