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Userneed’s Finnish panel members are keeping most secrets

April 7th, 2020

Do you have a secret that no one but yourself knows about? Many people are carrying one or more secrets, which can be for many reasons. Probably you are nervous about the reaction by telling the secret, you are ashamed of something, or it can have a great and negative impact on either yourself or your loved ones. It may be a secret from the past, or it may relate to something in the present. Thus, a secret can exist in many different contexts.

Secrets can be a major constraint and fill in our lives negatively and carrying a secret can be associated with the anxiety that often is for the secret to be discovered. Maybe you are trying to hide the secret by keeping distance to people, becoming aggressive, or other. Therefore, many of the people close to you typically can sense if you keep something secret. However, it can be difficult to let go and tell the secret if you expect that it will have a negative impact. At Userneeds, we found it interesting to ask our panelists in the Nordic and Ireland the question: “Do you have a secret that no one but yourself knows about?” in a quick poll.

The result shows that most panel members in all the countries carry one or more secrets. As many as 81 percent of the Finnish panel members answer they have one, some, or many secrets that only they know about. It is also the country where most people answer “Yes, many” or “Yes, some”, to which 19 percent and 57 percent, respectively, answered. Only 5 percent of Finnish panel members answered “Yes, one”, where this percentage in the remaining countries are between 11 and 15. Finland is thus the country where most panel members carry not just one secret, but several.

Norway and Denmark are the countries where second most carry one or more secrets, as in these countries 75 and 71 percent respectively have responded that they have one, some, or many secrets that only they know about. In Norway, 16 percent and in Denmark 11 percent answer they have many secrets. Last comes, Ireland and Sweden, where 67 and 65 percent respectively carry a secret. These are the countries with the fewest panel members who keep secrets. In Ireland, 26 percent answer “No” to if they have a secret, and in Sweden 24 percent answer “No”.

Thus, many in the Nordic and Ireland carry one, some, or many secrets. The reasons for this are not known, but again then it would not be secrets.

Thank you to those who have given your time to respond to our quick poll. We hope you found the result interesting.