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Userneeds has built a weighing hut in Benin

August 28th, 2018

Doctors without borders

In collaboration with Danish panel members and the biggest privately financed children’s rights organisation in Denmark, PlanBørnefonden, Userneeds has built a weighing hut in Benin.

Five months ago, Userneeds set out to built a weighing hut in the village of Saloudji, however, the hut was more needed in the village of Massé and so the initial plan was changed. The aims of the project stayed the same and included improving the welfare and the care taking of the children in the village. It was especially important to give the women and families a suitable place for their activities such as weighing children and participating in nutritional sessions. Moreover, the project aimed at minimizing the risk of hygienic diseases.

Userneeds has funded the project and Danish panel members have contributed by donating their points to the project as well as answering questionnaires on charity.

The weighing hut was ready to be taken into use in the middle of August 2018 and is currently helping around 40 women and their babies and children (around 55). In other words, 40 women and their babies and children have access to weighing and nutritional sessions at any season of the year even in bad weather. Furthermore, the project will provide room to shelter the material of the nutritional sessions and keep them in good condition. Finally, latrines have been built as well increasing the hygiene and minimizing the risk of hygienic diseases.

With regards to sustainability and future maintenance the village committee and the municipality will be responsible. The maintenance funds will be administered by the village committee.

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