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Userneeds has launched the platform U Insights

February 26th, 2020

Are you looking for a low cost and efficient way to do brand tracking and campaign tests? Then Userneeds has just the right platform for you!

Userneeds has our own panels in the Nordics, Ireland and Switzerland and through classic market research we have been delivering key insights to our clients for nearly two decades. However, the market research industry is constantly developing and the need for quicker and more low cost insights is growing. For that reason, Userneeds has developed the platform U Insights which enables you to track your brand and do your research in an automated and simple way.

Apart from the Brand Performance module, we have developed the Ad Performance and Design test to test your campaigns and new designs and concepts – both before and after launch.

By making brand and Ad tracking lean and automated Userneeds is not only making market research more accessible, we are also making market research more capable of being frequently applied in many more companies.

Are you for instance curious to know how your customers or potential customers view your brand? Or would you like to identify where perceptions and buying decision are formed? With U Insights’ high quality survey templates you can get the answers to your questions. The results are delivered in an automated report, the lead time is short and the price is flexible!

In other words, U Insights allows you to execute and manage your brand performance faster and more cost-effective and we would love to welcome you onboard!

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