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Userneeds introduces a new point shop in the Nordics

October 6th, 2020

It is going to be even greater being a part of Userneeds’ panel in the Nordics. We are presenting a new and exciting point shop in which our panel members can use their points as payment for a wide range of brands and products at favorable prices. If you do not have enough points you can use your credit card as payment. A big plus is that you can get free delivery. The opportunities in the shop are many and worth exploring.

As a part of Userneeds’ panel you can use your points for different prizes which occur on your personal member page, U+. Userneeds now presents a new and exciting point shop for our panel members in the Nordics (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland), which gives our panel members access to a wide range of products and brands at favorable prices. In the shop you find brands such as Royal Copenhagen, Kay Boyesen, Hugo boss, Beauté Pacifique, and much more popular brands. Further, you can shop among a wide range of product categories, for example electronic, home interior, clothes and shoes, children and more.

You can still exchange your points for a gift card, but you now need at least 50,000 points to do so. In the point shop you can pay with your earned points, your credit card, or both – You decide! And a big plus is that you can get free delivery. Thereby the shop brings many advantages to your membership.

The point shop is easy for you to navigate in, as you can search for products and explore different categories that suit you and your needs. In addition, you can filter the categories by price and brands. The shop thereby offers you a wide range of benefits and the opportunity to shop among a wide range of ​​categories and well-known brands.

The only thing you need to get access to this point shop is to be a part of either the Danish, Norwegian, Swedish or Finish panel, and sign into your personal member page, U+. Further you need to be over the age of 18. If you are not already a member – this is a good reason to get started!

At your personal member page, U+, you can find all the benefits of being a panel member.

Sign into your U+ member page here.