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Userneeds´ Irish panelists spend most time making dinner

January 29th, 2021

We are told what is right and wrong to eat and how to keep a healthy lifestyle. We know that we should eat three larger meals a day and some smaller snacks. The food we eat must be variated and contain a lot of vegetables. But eating the “correct” way can be time consuming and sometimes getting junk food or making food with fewer vegetables and ingredients can be an easy and faster solution. And in a busy everyday life – how much time do we spend on cooking dinner?

More people are living in a stressful everyday with work and other chores. Sometimes it can be hard living up to the recommendations of how to eat healthy and nutritious. We know vegetables are important and to eat the three larger meals a day along with smaller snacks in between. But always eating the recommended and “correct” way can be time consuming in the everyday. At Userneeds, we found it interesting asking our panel members in the Nordics and Ireland the following question in a quick poll: How much time do you spend on cooking dinner in average?

It turns out there is a difference on how much time our panel members spend on cooking dinner in average across the countries. In Finland, 15 percent of the panel members spend less that 30 minutes in average cooking dinner. This only 8 percent in Sweden, 6 percent in Denmark and Norway, and 5 percent in Ireland. At the same time, 12 percent of the Finnish panel members answer that they do not cook/not relevant. This percentage is much lower in the other countries where between 3 percent in Norway and 5 percent in Denmark answers this option.

However, there is around as many panel members in each country who spends less than 30 minutes who spends more than one hour. This is except in Ireland in which 13 percent spend more than one hour, and in Finland where only 5 percent spend more than one hour.

The largest part of the panel members across all countries are spending between 30 minutes and one hour in average on cooking dinner. In Ireland 58 percent spend this amount of time why Ireland is spending more time on cooking dinner in average compared with the other countries as also most Irish panel members spend more than one hour. However, 51 percent in Norway and 55 percent in Denmark and Sweden also spend between 30 minutes and one hour in average. Finland also here indicate that they spend less time on cooking dinner compared to the other countries as the percentage is only 39 percent.

Finland and Ireland are thus the biggest opposites comparing the five countries. In Ireland they prioritize or have more time to cook dinner, and in Finland there are less panel members compared with the other countries who spend as much time cooking dinner in average.

We hope you found the result from this quick poll interesting. Thank you for the answers.