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Userneeds’ Nordic panel members believe more countries will leave the EU

March 8th, 2018

European Union

Ever since Brexit the EU and its purpose has been widely discussed and depending on the agreements and “divorce” negotiations, some might fear Brexit will offer an incentive for other member states to leave the trading bloc.

In June 2016 51.89 percent of the voters in the UK decided to leave the EU and shortly after politicians in the Netherlands and France advocated for a similar referendum. This has left many people with the question: “Will more countries leave the EU in the future?”  At Userneeds we do not have the answer to that question, however, we did ask our panel members in the Nordics and Ireland what they think will happen.

It turns out exactly half of the Finnish panel members believe more countries will leave the EU, 40 percent answer “No” and the last 10 percent have chosen the option “Don’t know”. In the remaining Nordic countries more than half believe more countries will leave the EU in the future. In Denmark 57 percent have said “Yes”, in Norway this goes for 64 percent and finally 67 percent of the Swedish panel members think more countries will leave the EU.

In Ireland, however, more panel members feel certain that no more countries will leave than the other way around. 48 percent thus say “No” to the question while 43 percent have answered “Yes”.

Only time can tell what is going to happen and whether or not the majority of Userneeds’ Nordic or Irish panel members will turn out to be right.