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Userneeds’ panel members are affected by the weather

November 18th, 2020

It is different how much people get affected by the various kind of weathers. Some people are reacting strongly to the cold winter period, while others enjoy it more and do not feel comfortable when it is too hot. At Userneeds we have asked our panel members the question: “Does the weather affect your mood?”.

Winter is coming, and it is getting colder. The days feel shorter, and it is darker outside. This is for some people depressing, and they are getting more tired and in a bad mood. However, some people enjoy this colder time of the year more than the very hot summer days which can feel unpleasant. We are all reacting different to the various kind of weathers. Earlier this year we found out in a quick poll that our panel members favorite time of the year is summer. We were curious how many of our panel members in the Nordic and Ireland who feel the weather affects their mood. We have therefore asked the following question in a quick poll: “Does the weather affect your mood?”.

It turns out that the Finnish and Irish panel members have a larger tendency to get their mood affected by the weather. 36 percent in both Ireland and Finland have answered “yes” to the question asked. In Sweden and Norway 29 percent in each country have answered that their mood is affected by the weather. In Denmark, the percentage is only 23 percent.

The largest percentages in all countries have answered “sometimes”, why they only sometimes get affected. Again, the percentage is smallest in Denmark (48 percent), while it is between 50 percent (Ireland and Finland) and 56 percent (Sweden) in the other countries.

Denmark is the country where fewest panel members mood gets affected by the weather. 27 percent of the Danish panel members answer “no” to the question, while this is only between 12 percent (Ireland) and 17 percent (Norway) in the other countries.

Thank you for all the answers to the quick poll. We hope you found the result interesting.