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Userneeds’ panel members have once again made a difference

January 21st, 2021

Userneeds’ panel members in the Nordics and Ireland have the opportunity to donate their earned points to charity. They earn points for each online survey they complete which can be redeemed for gift cards, cinema tickets or in the point shop in the Nordic countries. Further, the points can also be donated for charity and in 2020 more than 53,500 DKK were donated by our panel members.

In April 2018, Userneeds financed a health clinic in a village called Massé in the West African nation Benin. This was in collaboration with our Danish panel members and Denmark’s largest privately funded children rights organization, PlanBørnefonden. The focus has been on improving the welfare and upbringing of children in the village.

Ever since the health clinic was built, our panel members in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Ireland have had the possibility of donating their points to the clinic – and in 2020 16,200 DKK was donated by the panel members to the clinic. In Denmark, Ireland and Finland, this is the organization which received the largest donation from the panel members. Further, Userneeds recently made an extraordinary donation of 10,000 DKK which means a total donation to the health clinic of 26,200 DKK in 2020.

The most popular organization for our panel members to donate their points to across all countries in 2020 is Doctors without Borders who have received a total donation of 20,700 DKK. In Norway and Sweden, this has been the most popular organization to donate points to.

Cancer related organizations were also very much supported by our panel members in 2020. More that 11,400 DKK were donated by Danish, Norwegian and Swedish members to organizations focusing on cancer. And at last, more than 5,700 DKK were donated to the organization Red Cross.

Thank you to all panel members who have donated their points to these important organizations. All donations count when it comes to making a difference.