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Userneeds’ panel members make use of ratings and online recommendations

March 25th, 2020

We are all exposed to a lot of ​​choices and possibilities, when it comes to different experiences. Where should we go out for dinner? What movie should we watch? Where should we book our hotel? There are so many options and it can be difficult to make a decision. At the same time, we are experiencing a digital development, which means we have easy and fast access to a lot of information and knowledge sharing. In Userneeds we therefore found it interesting to ask our panel members in the Nordic and Ireland: “Do you use ratings and online recommendations before going out for dinner, watching a movie, renting a hotel etc.?”

We are as human beings are socially minded and enjoy spending time with our friends and family. A visit at the café, a trip to the cinema, a Netflix evening with take away, a travel away from the everyday life. These are just some of the things we love to do together. But it can be difficult to decide which café or movie to choose. We are exposed to a lot of advertising, and at the same time, we have many opportunities. Therefore, for some people it can be useful with a rating or online recommendation that comes from a consumer as this seems more trustworthy.

Due to the digital development, it has never been easier to find a rating or online recommendation, but do Userneeds’ panel members in the Nordic and Ireland make use of this opportunity? In Userneeds we have set up a quick poll to explore this. The result was clear – between 79 and 88 percent answer that they use ratings and online recommendations to a certain extent before choosing a restaurant, movie, renting a hotel room or similar. Therefore, the digital development may have led to more information to relate to, but at the same time we benefit from being able to use information such as ratings and recommendations.

In Ireland, 14 percent answered “yes, always” to the question, and is the country where most people use ratings and online recommendations every time. This percentage is only 6 in Finland, which is the lowest. Next comes Denmark (9 percent), Sweden (10 percent) and Norway (12 percent). Thus, there is not large percentages who use ratings and online recommendations every time, but at the same time, between 32 and 34 percent answer, that they often use them. Furthermore, between 37 and 43 percent answer “Yes, sometimes”. It is clear that Userneeds’ panel members to some extent are exploiting the opportunity to use ratings or online recommendations before for example go out for dinner.

However, some people do not make use of the opportunity at all and has answered “no” to the question asked. In Finland 21 percent and Denmark 20 percent of the panel members do not make use of ratings and online recommendations. These are the countries in which most people do not use the opportunity at all. In Norway, only 12 percent never use it, 14 percent in Sweden and 16 percent in Ireland.

We hope you found it interesting to read about the result of this quick poll. In Userneeds we would like to thank everyone who answered it.