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Userneeds’ panel members prefer milk chocolate

April 8th, 2021

Have you enjoyed some extra chocolate this Easter? Most of us love chocolate and like it as a little treat. The chocolate release dopamine into the brain and can help lower the levels of stress. It can make us happy. But which chocolate do our panel members prefer?

Chocolate is something most of us find very delicious and we like to eat it as a treat. We find it in a lot of combinations with different fillings, in different shapes and different tastes. At Christmas we find chocolates shaped as Santa Claus and at Easter we find chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies. We like the chocolate as it releases dopamine into our brain and lower our levels of stress. This is why you sometimes crave chocolate in stressful situations or when you need comfort. Chocolate also contains high levels of antioxidants and some studies have shown that it can lower the cholesterol levels and prevent memory decline. In some ways chocolate is healthy, but it also contains sugar and too much of it can result in excess weight.

But which chocolate does our panel members prefer? Some people prefer the darker chocolate while others think that dark chocolate is too bitter. We have asked which chocolate our members in the Nordics and Ireland prefer – white chocolate, ruby chocolate (pink), milk chocolate, dark chocolate (50-70%) or very dark chocolate (70-100%).

It turns out very that few people prefer the Ruby chocolate, which is a pink and newer chocolate introduced in 2017 why some people might do not know it. Only between 0,5 percent (Denmark) and 1,5 percent (Finland) has the Ruby chocolate as their favorite according to our quick poll.

White chocolate is the second last chocolate our panel members prefer. Between 2,6 percent (Norway) and 4,9 percent (Finland) have chosen white chocolate as their favorite. White chocolate does not contain cocoa solids which are found in milk and dark chocolates.

Clearly milk chocolate is the preferred chocolate in all panel countries. Only in Denmark 34,5 percent prefer milk chocolate and 34,2 percent prefer dark chocolate – thereby Danish members like milk and dark chocolate equally.  In the remaining countries between 50,8 percent (Sweden) and 65,3 percent (Norway) prefer milk chocolate. However, a large part of the remaining countries also like dark chocolate. This is between 17,6 percent (Norway) and 24,1 percent (Ireland).

In Denmark there are also a larger percentage who prefer the very dark chocolate (70-100%) compared to the other panel countries. 21,9 percent of the Danish members prefer very dark chocolate. This is only between 8,6 percent (Norway) and 14,4 percent (Sweden) in the other countries.

According to our quick poll, this means that Denmark prefer darker chocolate compared to the other panel countries. Norway is on the other hand the country in which fewest prefer dark chocolate.

The surprising fact for some people might be that between 1,8 percent (Ireland) and 3,6 percent (Norway) does not like chocolate at all.

We appreciate all answers to our quick polls, and we hope you found this result interesting. You can answer all quick poll on your member portal here.