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Userneeds’ panel members are satisfied

July 29th, 2020

At Userneeds, we want to listen to our panel members and make sure that it is a great experience to be a panel member. Therefore, we conduct ongoing satisfaction surveys, where we ask about the members experience with their membership and what makes them satisfied or dissatisfied. The latest survey was conducted during the spring and the results are really positive.

Userneeds has conducted a new satisfaction survey among our panel members in the Nordics and Ireland. The survey shows that there in general is a high level of satisfaction among the members in all countries.

Prizes and gift cards in particular are a great success with Userneeds’ many members in both the Nordics and Ireland. There is a general agreement among the members from the various countries that gift cards are the most appealing opportunity to spend their points. In the survey, the members also expressed that their biggest motivation for participating in surveys is the various prizes and gift cards for which they can exchange their points. But that is not the only thing that motivates them. They have also answered that it is just as much the opportunity to contribute and express their opinion on different topics that is a major motivating factor.

But do the panel members in the different countries agree on everything? We have been curious about this, and we have therefore asked the members about their preferences when it comes to e.g. the length and amount of surveys. Here the result shows that the different countries differ from each other.

Finland stands out as they prefer shorter surveys. Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, and Norway prefer medium long surveys between 4-10 minutes. Of these, Danes in particular are eager to answer surveys, and want 5 or more surveys a week, where members from the other countries want 1-2 surveys a week.

But it is not only when it comes to surveys that the countries differ from each other. There is also a difference in the reason for the members to visit Userneeds website. In Norway, Finland and Ireland, they primarily check the website to keep track of who has won the various draws and prizes. In Sweden and Denmark, the website is primarily visited to read news, and Swedes also use it to find out about the most frequently asked questions. When it comes to the Userneeds member page U+, the primary purpose for the members to visit is to check their point balance, as well as answer surveys and Quick Polls. Especially the Swedish and Norwegian members enjoy the various Quick Polls.

Despite different preferences, the members of the different countries are generally satisfied and happy to be part of the Userneeds panel.