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Userneeds sponsors Danish Digital Award

May 28th, 2020

At Userneeds, we have a strong focus on innovation and integrity, which are among our core values. As a result, Userneeds has launched U Insights, which is a do-it-yourself tool that enables companies to gain valuable insights easily and quickly through their own surveys and reports of high quality. Userneeds is therefore proud to be sponsoring Danish Digital Awards 2020, which highlights inspiring work that supports or develops business activities.

At Userneeds, we provide market analysis in a new perspective that enables companies to gain valuable insight into niche markets. This is done through our online consumer panels that we have built up over the past many years. At Userneeds, we are constantly focused on using the latest technology, securing high-profile loyalty programs, and building strong partnerships that help us create new ways to unify data from various sources to provide our clients with a unique service.

Userneeds is especially proud of our core values, integrity and innovation, which is something we do not make compromises on. As a result, Userneeds has among other things developed U Insights. The purpose of U Insights is to give companies access to create their own high-quality surveys and reports through a so-called do-it-yourself tool. This solution provides companies with data and insight easily and quickly. Do you want to know more about U Insights and your options, click here.

At Userneeds, there is a strong focus on development, and we are therefore proud to sponsor the Danish Digital Award 2020, which aims to highlight some of the most inspiring, effective and well-executed work that supports or develops business activities. The Danish Digital Award will take place on June 4, 2020 and this year it will be an online show with Martin Brygman as host.

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