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Userneeds’ Swedish panel members are the ones with most close friends

March 7th, 2019

Most people have friends, i.e. people they are not related to but hang out with, enjoy spending time with, trust and confide in. But how many close friends do people in the Nordics and Ireland have? We have asked our panel members just that and it turns out the vast majority have between two and three close friends.

Thousands of Userneeds’ panel members in the Nordics and from Ireland have answered the question: ”How many close friends do you have?” and the results are somewhat alike in the different countries. In other words, the majority answer that they have between two and three close friends. This goes for 29 percent in Sweden up to 43 percent in Finland. A smaller but still quite large percentage has chosen the option ”4 to 5” approximately one out of four in each country has between four and five close friends.

When it comes to having more than 10 friends Sweden and Norway stand out, however. 14 percent of Userneeds’ Swedish panel members and 11 percent of Userneeds’ Norwegian panel members have thus chosen this category compared to for instance 4 percent in Finland.

The answer option chosen by the fewest members is ”8-10”. Between 4 percent (Finland) and 8 percent (Sweden) have between eight and ten close friends. This means that more people have just one or none close friends. 12 percent in Denmark, 11 percent in Finland, 9 percent in Norway, 8 percent in Sweden and finally 7 percent in Ireland answer that they don’t have any close friends.