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Userneeeds celebrates its 20th anniversary

December 9th, 2021

In November 2001 we sent our very first invitation for an online survey – and we have sent many more since then 

A lot has happened since that November day in 2001. From a conventional but visionary market research agency aiming to provide data to its customers and partners through its own online panels, Userneeds has expanded and strengthened its position through investing in digitalization, innovation, and human capital. Userneeds’ activity presently extends beyond merely providing data: we are now much more consulting-oriented and deeply entrenched in data and insights.

Today Userneeds is a data driven insight agency providing market research, strategic insights, and digital insight solutions with a profound focus on strategic cooperation and partnerships. Cooperation and partnerships aiming to create value for and together with its customers through efficient work processes, conceptualization of new forms of analysis and new methods, which are entirely underpinned by technology, automation and scalability.

Over the years, Userneeds has experienced an increasing demand for digital insight solutions, which are designed to systematize and operationalize both digital insights, such as online behavior, and conventional market research and insights.

Userneeds’ latest project – the SaaS portal ‘U Insights’ is anchored in the traditional disciplines of market research, hence meeting the increasing demand for fast and valuable strategic insights across a wide range of brand awareness and customer experience surveys. ‘U Insights’ is developed based on a profound desire to democratize access to strategic insights, thereby providing that more people get easier, quicker and more cost-effective access to these insights.

Internationalization and expansion through the presence in the Nordic markets have also been a part of Userneeds’ strategy – in the beginning through its own panels and afterwards through its local offices in Finland and Norway. Over the last couple of years, Userneeds has succeeded in positioning itself in the Finnish research and insights market, which was otherwise exclusively reserved for local vendors. This success in the Finnish market is to a large extent owed to ‘U Insights’ and the associated digital solutions within the U Insights suite, such as Brand Lift and AdTension. ‘U Insights’ and the related scalable concepts will be the pillar of further internationalization and expansion within the Nordics.

Despite the increase in digitalization of insights and an increasing focus on data market, we have experienced an increasing demand for qualitative research over the last couple of years. Especially an increase in demand for a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods has had a positive impact on our client composition; after welcoming Analyse Danmark into the Userneeds’ family in 2020, we have experienced a greater coherence between these methods – both commercially, but also in relation to the development of the competencies within our organization.

The core value of our successful business is our ever-growing consumer panels in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Ireland. Our panels and valued panel members give us a unique opportunity to collect comprehensive and reliable data within specific target groups across markets, as well as to provide a valuable insight on their constantly changing consumer behavior. We are very appreciative for all our panel members who daily make a great effort by making a difference when striving to give their opinion and let their voice be heard. Thank you – We are very grateful.

Johnny Jensen, Userneeds’ CEO:

”Userneeds’ development over the past years, and our current market position can be attributed to our employees. The fact that the last 20 years have been our shared journey, as well as that all our employees have been engaged in our development have been essential for the collective understanding of Userneeds both as a workplace, and as an actor within the market research and insights industry. At the same time, this has strengthened our commercial focus, and our development has been fully governed by our customers and their demand. Our dedicated team, consisting of competent and motivated employees – both previous and existing – old and new – has contributed tremendously to this development and made our organization recognizable.”

We look forward to many more successful decades, and we are truly glad that you have been a part of this journey. Thank you.