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Valentine’s Day will mostly be celebrated in Sweden and Ireland

February 15th, 2018


Many people might associate Valentine’s Day with the US as millions of people celebrate Valentine’s Day every year in the States. However, Valentine’s Day is actually celebrated around the world which Userneeds’ quick poll shows.

At Userneeds we are always curious about habits, cultures and how our panel members both resemble and differ from one another. In our most recent quick poll about Valentine’s Day it turns out that our Irish and Swedish panel members have more in common that meets the eye. In other words, 43 percent in Sweden and 46 percent in Ireland have answered either “Yes, absolutely” or “Yes, I think so” to the question:

Will you be celebrating or marking Valentine’s Day in any way?

In Norway and Finland this goes for respectively 21 and 34 percent, whereas only 8 percent of Userneeds’ Danish panel members will or think they will mark Valentine’s Day.

The vast majority of the panel members know whether or not they will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. In other words, only between 3 and 8 percent have answered “I hope so” or “Don’t know”. This leaves two categories: “No” and “No, absolutely not”.

Between 31 (Ireland) and 47 (Denmark) percent have stated that they will not mark or celebrate Valentine’s Day by answering “No”. However, we also gave our panel members the opportunity to answer “No, absolutely not” which has been chosen by 6 percent in Finland, 9 percent in Sweden, 11 percent in Ireland and 23 percent in Norway. The Danish panel members are thus by far the ones most reluctant to mark Valentine’s Day as 39 percent have chosen the category “No, absolutely not”.

Whether you celebrated Valentine’s Day or not, we thank you for your participation in the quick poll and hope you had a good day!