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Webstatus Flex – Standard and Flexible at the same time

February 22nd, 2018

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One of Webstatus biggest strengths has been our Standard Surveys with fixed questions that has provided our customers with the unique possibility to see their own results compared to an industry benchmark. We have now launched Webstatus Flex, giving you full flexibility in our surveys while still keeping our core strength – the benchmark.

The Webstatus Standard User Experience survey was in many ways created ahead of its time. The first times it ran was in the 90’s, where Userneeds founder Henrik Vincentz started asking visitors for their feedback, before most saw the need. At that time, information available was mainly how many unique visitors the website had (that is if you had one of the old famous visitor counters in the upper right corner). Due to this, few research companies can match Userneeds website comparison data. Through the Standard User Experience and E-commerce surveys, Webstatus has collected over 10 million answers since start, and yearly continues to run surveys on over 300 websites across the Nordics countries. We have now also added the new Irish, Swiss and Austrian markets. With that, the benchmark grows – and we can deliver more and more specific insight than before. Earlier, you could only get a Nordic website benchmark, but now we can deliver benchmarks by device in specific markets, industries and cross-countries.

Providing standardized surveys has of course been a great gain in building our benchmark database. But over time we saw that our customer’s needs started to exceed the old standard Webstatus system, and we needed a more flexible tool. So, Userneeds has taken on the big task of combining 2 things that are opposites – standard and flexible. After much planning and 1½ years of product development, we have now finally launched the Webstatus Flex. Keeping our strength while adding flexibility.

We will of course still have our most used Webstatus Standard surveys, so you can continue to enjoy our unprecedented large database of benchmark data. But with the new Webstatus Flex you will also be able to customize, remove or add questions and answer options where you don’t need the benchmark – and keep the ones where you still want to take advantage of our benchmark data. We will also continue to deliver full service and analysis expertise support, and quality reports that are fast and cost efficient.

In the upcoming years we will through collaboration with you, our customers, find out what questions are best suited for your industry, and launch a whole new series of Webstatus Standard surveys. They will be customized for exactly your industry, and we can then also offer you an even more customized industry benchmark.

For customers that have pre-purchased surveys, we will offer the option to use any other newly developed Webstatus Standard survey including 3 question add-ons or changes without cost. Contact us for more information.

The Webstatus team is very proud, and we hope you will enjoy our new Webstatus Flex and the extra services it will provide.


Sincerely yours

Webstatus team