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When do you buy your Christmas presents?

December 21st, 2021

Receiving and giving presents is something that makes us happy. We give presents on different occasions – birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries, but Christmas presents are surely something special.

We at Userneeds have conducted an online survey in which we have asked Danes when they buy their Christmas presents.

Results of the survey reveal that most of Danes buy their Christmas presents in December, which applies to around 57 percent of the participants in the survey.

Moreover, a significant number of Danes start their Christmas shopping already in September (19 percent), while 5 percent of them have replied that they buy Christmas presents in the last moment.

However, there is a smaller number of Danes who prefer to buy Christmas presents on time, which is why they are looking for Christmas presents the whole year (3 percent).

As many as 21 percent of Danes think that Black Friday is a good opportunity to buy presents for Christmas, and they buy them precisely on Black Friday.

Furthermore, the survey shows that 12 percent of Danes don’t buy Christmas presents at all.