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When it comes to Social Media not everyone portrays their real self

February 23rd, 2018


Have you ever opened your Facebook and wondered why everyone seems to have the perfect life, where they manage to maintain a healthy lifestyle, while having a successful job and a good family? Well, it might not be so in real life.

People post images and update their status on Social Media all the time. Perhaps you are doing it as well. And while nothing is wrong with this, some people might feel like they cannot portray their actual selves due to the many “perfect” lives they are being exposed to. In fact, 29 percent in Norway and 30 percent in Ireland say that they portray their ideal self rather than their real self to “some degree” or to a “high degree”, when they post things on Social Media.

Moreover, between 7 percent (Finland) and 22 percent (Norway), answer “Either/or” when asked the question:

“To what degree do you portray your ideal self rather than your real self on Social Media?”

In other words, quite a few panel members are not portraying their actual selves on Social Media – at least not one hundred percent of the time. In Sweden, however, 45 percent have chosen the option: “Not at all”, while 10 percent have answered “To a low degree”. The Swedish panel members thus seem to be the ones most likely to portray their real self rather than their ideal self on Social Media. The smallest percentage to have chosen either “To a low degree” or “Not at all” is to be found among Userneeds’ Norwegian panel members. Here 38 percent have chosen one of the two options.

Finally, a part of Userneeds’ panel members do not use Social Media at all. This goes for between 11 percent (Norway) up to 28 percent (Denmark).