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Which season do Userneeds’ panel members prefer?

August 12th, 2020

Are you also fond of the sun and warm weather, or are you looking forward to the leaves falling off the trees? The 4 seasons each have something wonderful to offer and there are many preferences. For that reason we have made a quick poll, where we have asked what our panel members’ favorite time of year is.

Summer is upon us and it is not long before we have to go back to wearing our winter coats. There are probably many who are upset about this, as summer is the preferred season, at least if you ask Userneeds’ panel members.

The quick poll shows that almost half of Userneeds’ panel members consider summer to be the best time of year. Norway, Sweden and Finland in particular appreciate the sunny season. Here, 54, 52 and 50 percent, respectively, answered that it is their favorite time of year. The Irish are approaching with 49 percent, where only 43 percent of Danes have answered that summer is their favorite season. For the Danes, spring takes second place, where approximately every third has answered that it is their favorite time of the year. There are many indications that the Danes greatly appreciate fresh colors and sunshine, which is exactly what spring and summer brings.

In Norway, Sweden and Finland, between 20-22 percent have answered that spring is their favorite season; this indicates that spring generally is a popular season in the Nordic countries.

Ireland stands out markedly with a broader distribution of preference between the different seasons. They are particularly fond of the winter (14 percent) compared to the other countries where the responses do not exceed 5 percent. Autumn is also something the Irish especially appreciate, rather than spring as those in Scandinavia prefer. Finland agrees with this, 23 percent of the Finns have answered that autumn is their favorite time of year, and this time of year thus takes second place in both the Irish and Finnish panels.

Summer is the obvious winner in this quick poll, and there are divided opinions about whether autumn or spring is the second best season. One thing is for sure though, autumn is approaching whether we like it or not. Therefore we have to enjoy the summer while it’s here.

Thank you to those of you who have answered the quick poll. We hope you found the result interesting.