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Working from home is the future

May 28th, 2020

41 percent of the Danes believe they have been just as productive as before the corona crisis even though the working conditions have been different as more Danes have had to work from home for a shorter or longer period after Denmark was shut down. This is the result from a survey conducted by Userneeds in collaboration with the analysis and consulting firm, Moos-Bjerre.

The corona crisis has resulted in more Danes working from home for a shorter or longer period when Denmark was shut down. Thereby, the use of the private office and increased flexibility in working life has filled. Futurist, Anne Marie-Dahl believe that this trend of working from the home private office is expected to grow in the Danish working life. She states: “It is a development that has been along the way. The digital opportunities have been ready, and now we have suddenly been “forced” to adapt. And both employees and executives have seen it work.”

A survey by Userneeds in collaboration with analysis and consulting firm Moos-Bjerre shows that 41 percent of respondents believe they have been just as productive as before the corona crisis. In addition, 56 percent have to a varying degree been less productive than before, which is especially among parents who have looked after their children themselves as they have not been able to send the children to daycare or elementary school.

Pia Irene Andreasen, HR director at the country’s largest pension company, PFA Pension, believes that the corona crisis has been an eye opener and that the use of working from home has come to stay. She states: “I have been pleasantly surprised at how readily prepared we have been and how quickly we have integrated some new work routines. We have learned a lot that we want to take on.” The corona crisis has thus pushed trends such as “increased flexibility” and “the good working life”, which are areas that PFA already had an increased focus on before the crisis.

Anne Marie-Dahl states: “It will become much more widespread as people now become more familiar with the digital. And the time of corona has certainly set the turbo on a development that I am convinced had arrived at some point.”

PFA will now extend the flexibility to provide far more freedom to work from home with the tools they have. The development has, among other things, made demands on the PFA’s physical framework, for example will meetings involve an invitation to a video meeting. At the same time, PFA employees will be offered the opportunity to cut one day of the work week with a pay cut. Pia Irene Andreasen says: “Our working life and life look different at different stages of life. Therefore, we would like to have an offer that is broad for everyone in PFA.

Futurist, Anne Marie-Dahl, believe that we will see more business initiatives like these in the future.

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