Here you will find answers to questions frequently asked by panel members.

How do I change my e-mail?
If you have a new e-mail address, please contact our support team on Remember to state both the e-mail address you are registered with now, and the new e-mail address you want to be registered with from here on.

I can’t see the images in the invitation e-mail. What do I do?
If you cannot see the images in the invitation e-mail you receive from us, it might be because your mail programme has blocked the images. You can often retrieve the images by right-clicking the small red cross where the images should have been or click on the message at the top of the e-mail that says that certain information has been blocked.

How do I withdraw from the panel?
If you no longer wish to be a member of our panel, it is easy to withdraw. Simply click on the withdraw link at the bottom of all our invitation e-mails. You can also contact us on

What is my member portal?
Your member portal is your own personal site which only you have access to. Here you can see what surveys are available and what surveys you have already completed.