Collection of data in Userneeds’ surveys
Participation in Userneeds’ surveys is always voluntary, whether you are a member of our panel or not. You can stop answering a specific survey at any given time, for instance if there is a question you do not wish to answer. Incomplete surveys are deleted. When you participate in Userneeds’ surveys, both passive and active data collection takes place, as mentioned above. The information collected actively consists of the answers you give to the questions in the survey. This information will usually not be enough to identify the person who has answered the survey.
Personal identifiable information will not be given to the client who has commissioned the survey, nor to any third party.

Collection of data on Userneeds’ websites
When you visit Userneeds’ websites, you leave electronic trails which contribute to Userneeds’ statistics on how the sites are being used. The trails are also logged for security measures. The data gathered from these trails includes what sites you have visited at what time, what browser you use and your IP address. It is not possible to recognize individuals based on this information.

The information collected from our surveys is used for research and analysis purposes. 
The profile and contact information is collected for administrative purposes and enables us to manage services for our panel members.
The purpose of collecting IP addresses, browser information and the time of the visit on our website is for statistics, to ensure data security and to improve our website and member portal.

The answers you give in a survey will be delivered to the client who has ordered the specific survey. Your email address, and any other information which could potentially identify you, will not be sent to the client.
Your profile data is only used by Userneeds to map out the panel members in different segments, as well as for finding members who fit the target group of a given survey.

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