If you resign from Userneeds’ panel, you can no longer participate in draws even though you have completed surveys. Nor is it possible to put your membership on standby and keep your completed surveys.

At Userneeds we vouch for a decent tone and a mutually respectable relationship with our panel members. Should a panel member behave inappropriately or send us inquiries with a particularly offensive content, Userneeds declare the right to exclude panel members. Panel members who are excluded in this way will lose their completed surveys and the possibility to participate in draws.

The prizes you win by participating in draws are not locked by name. This means that you are allowed to pass the gift card on to a friend, family member or the like, if you do not want to use the gift card yourself.

Moving to a different country
If you are moving to a different country and that respective country has a Userneeds’ panel, it will not be possible for you to move the surveys already completed to a new account in that panel.

Userneeds remains the right to change terms and conditions without further notice.