Interested in online focus groups or in-depth interviews?

Userneeds offers online in-depth interviews and video focus groups in InterVu.

The system offers video chat with a maximum of 10 people at a time, besides a moderator and an infinite number of observers.

In InterVu the moderator can show photos, video, documents, presentations and for instance websites to the participants along the way.


Participants can interact with the shown material by marking it, drawing upon it, sorting it by using a drag-and-drop function and by writing messages on the material.

The moderator and the observers are able to use a chat function which is not visible for the respondents in the group. The moderator is able to make time stamps in the recording during the meeting.

The recording of the meeting is accessible to costumers for 90 days via a costumer login.


Userneeds will handle recruitment for the project and also gather the necessary and relevant consent forms (GDPR) from participants before the meeting starts. We also make sure that the material that needs to be used during the meeting is uploaded and ready in the portal.

Contact Ewa and hear more about your options

Ewa Nielsen,, Tlf.: +45 22 21 04 04

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