What does it mean to be a member of our Userneeds panel?

As a member of one of Userneeds’ panels you are part of an online community sharing your views and opinions alongside thousands of other members. You receive interesting market research surveys that might make you reflect on your consumer habits, your bying behaviour or perhaps you will hear about new and interesting products or initiatives. It is fun and easy being a member of Userneeds’ panel and it is completely up to you how many surveys you wish to answer.

How have I become part of a panel?

Userneeds collects the vast majority of our emails via online UX surveys. Thus, if you have received an invitation to join our panel it is because you have filled out one of these surveys and typed in your email address at the end. Userneeds never sends emails without a clear consent from the receiver and we are of course fully GDPR-compliant.

Earn points and rewards every time you participate

Every time you answer a survey you earn points or receive a ticket for one of our many draws. In the invitation email it will always clearly be stated how long time the survey takes and what kind of reward you will receive upon completion.

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