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Termination of membership
Panel members can resign from the panel at any time. Upon resignation, all personal information held by Userneeds will be deleted and the panel member will no longer receive emails. Panel members who resign automatically lose all accumulated points and tickets.

Userneeds treats all panel members with respect, and expects a mutual level of respect in return. Userneeds reserves the right to exclude any panel member should they engage in offensive behaviour. Panel members excluded in this way will lose their points and tickets and the possibility to participate further in any future draws.

Gift cards which have been awarded through Userneeds’ panel system may be used by anyone. Panel members therefore have the right to pass on their gift card to someone they know. Userneeds contacts all winners via e-mail. The email addresses are stored in accordance with EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and are only kept as long as it is relevant.

Moving to a different country
It is not possible to move panel accounts to a different country, regardless of whether Userneeds has a panel in that country.

Userneeds reserves the right to change terms and conditions without providing notice.

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