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Becoming a member
At present Userneeds has panels in the following countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Ireland and Switzerland. All persons aged 16 years or older who live in one of these countries can join the Userneeds panel limited to one profile per person.


Points and tickets
After joining panel members can start accumulation points and tickets in several ways:

  • Points are primarily accumulated by taking part in market research surveys, focus groups or other activities in relation to market research, surveys and/or competitions. Earned points may be exchanged for gift cards or other incentives exclusive to each country’s panel. Points can be accumulated in the following countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Ireland
  • Tickets can be accumulated in a similar manner to points or be bought with points. With each prize draw tickets are spent, and the accumulated number of tickets is reset. Tickets cannot be accumulated in Sweden

All members can be informed of their point and ticket balance by contacting Userneeds or by logging on to their member page U+. Userneeds reserves the right to withhold and withdraw points / tickets which have been registered in the event of a mistake or with suspected abuse.

Moving to a different country
It is not possible to move panel account to a different country, regardless of whether Userneeds has a panel in that country or not. This means points accumulated must be spent in that panel and can’t be transferred.


Prizes and gift cards which have been awarded through Userneeds’ panel system may be used by anyone. Panel members therefore have the right to pass on their gift card to someone they know. For information on prizes and winners please visit our page Draws & Winners.


Termination of membership
Panel members can resign from the panel at any time by contacting Userneeds, logging on to their member page U+ or using the unsubscribe link in all survey invites. Upon resignation, all personal information held by Userneeds will be deleted and the panel member will no longer receive emails. Panel members who resign automatically lose all accumulated points and tickets.

Userneeds treats all panel members with respect and expects a mutual level of respect in return.

Therefore, Userneeds expects panel members to answer surveys truthfully and thoroughly and reserves the right to exclude any panel member should they violate the terms or engage in unlawful or offensive behavior. Panel members excluded in this way will lose their points and tickets and the possibility to participate further in any future draws.

Userneeds also reserves the right to exclude any panel member on the suspicion of fraud and/or cheating or in cases of inactivity for a period of 12 months or more.

In these cases, panel members will be contacted with a warning of deletion of points and tickets at least 14 days before the deletion takes place.

For further information on handling of data and personal information please see our privacy policy


Userneeds reserves the right to change our terms and conditions without providing any further notice.

Last updated 11-12-2019

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