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We recruit for an online platform according to your needs. We offer access to InterVu, HT face or Recollectvie – but we can help with recruitment to several platforms such as Zoom for Business, VisionLive and Revelation if you have the access yourself. Most surveys can be done via a smartphone or tablet, but not video groups. This allows for response from the target group in the form of visual on location experiences e.g. upload of videos, photos and text where the user is shopping or at home in the living room.

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Video groups

Video groups take place online using a webcam and microphone. This solution makes it possible to show different test material, do projective and creative exercises, polls etc. It is possible to connect a simultaneous interpreter depending on the system. The group is video recorded and the written and visual input is stored in a report.

The disadvantage of video groups compared to physical groups is that it is more difficult to decode the respondents’ facial expressions and that you do not achieve the same social context, just as it can be more difficult for the respondents to speak one at a time.

Chat groups
Chat groups are a simple and effective way to get feedback on a theme, product or communication. An established
questionnaire guide is the starting point in the closed chat forum, where the moderator and possibly observers can
regularly ask follow-up questions. The written dialogue is stored in an archive. Respondents are anonymous and are
assigned an ID number or an Avatar of their choice.
A community is suitable for you who want to evaluate a product or service over time or keep diary notes in writing
and via photos. A blog or community allows you to get feedback on a theme, product or communication like the chat
groups, but the process typically runs over 2-3 days or longer with continuous feedback from respondents. On a daily
basis, participants may be asked new questions or exercises that they need to deal with, or they may be asked to
report on a development over time, e.g. when testing a product. In addition to the written feedback, the respondents
can upload videos, images and audio files, so that the empirical data is as contextual as possible.

Userneeds will handle recruitment for the project and also gather the necessary and relevant consent forms (GDPR) from participants before the meeting starts. We also make sure that the material that needs to be used during the meeting is uploaded and ready in the portal.

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Userneeds and Analyse Danmark merged at the end of 2020, which has created a strong qualitative team, U Focus. Through many years of experience and a merge of the companies, we have strong competencies in qualitative research.

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