Userneeds measures the Danes’ experience of the corona crisis every week

Userneeds is, in collaboration with Moos-Bjerre, exploring the Danes’ experience with the corona crisis with the aim to follow the Danes development in the behavior, concerns and thoughts during the corona crisis. Week by week, the survey will be repeated among a representative sample of 1,000 Danes in order to have an updated picture of how Danes think and feel during the crisis. Every Monday you can find the newest report with results from previous week.

(The report is in Danish)


Stay updated on the results from week 26:

Holidays in Denmark or Germany:

82 percent of the Danes will probably or definitely be vacationing in Denmark. When the Danes consider whether they plan to take one or more days to either Germany, Norway, Sweden or Iceland during the summer holidays, most Danes expect that they will definitely or probably travel one or more days to Germany (26 percent) only 14 percent expect to travel to countries other than Norway, Sweden, Iceland or Germany. Far fewer expect to travel to Norway (4 percent) or Iceland (3 percent), while 7 percent expect to go to Sweden.

The majority choose to receive holiday allowance this year:

A majority of 68 percent of the Danes who have earned holiday allowance, expect to definitely or probably ask to have their three-week holiday allowance paid this year. Only 18 percent will wait.

Dansk Supermarked has especially shown social minds:

Dansk Supermarked is the company that is most often chosen when Danes have to judge whether some companies have made a positive impression by showing particular social minds during the crisis. This is what every tenth Dane thinks. In comparison, Bestseller is the company that has stood out in particular by not showing social minds.

Concerns on return:

The Danes are generally far less concerned now compared to the first measurements in weeks 13 and 14. The only concern that continues to leave significant marks is the concern if the Danes comply with the authorities’ guidelines sufficiently. Here, a large majority of 73 percent of the population are still worried to a greater or lesser extent.

Podcast from Pollster

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