Brand Loyalty is recommendation

Satisfied customers

Acquisition costs for recruiting new customers are increasing. Many brands are looking for ways to build closer relationships with existing customers that are less price sensitive to competitor promotions. Satisfied customers are the biggest source of brand loyalty.

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They appreciate what the brand signals and experience a fulfilment of expectations. What erodes brand loyalty is the gap between what is promised by the brand and what is delivered to the customer. To invest in this kind of relationship takes time and effort. When loyalty is established with customers, it’s more profitable and a better starting point for generating sales. That is why it is necessary to monitor loyalty in the form of customer satisfaction over time. It is essential to both defending the core business as well as generating new business.

True insights

At Userneeds, we measure brand loyalty by using the widespread Net Promoter Score (NPS). Brand NPS simply asks how likely the customer is to recommend a brand to a friend or colleague. With this score, you can see how many customers are loyal, indifferent or unsatisfied.

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You learn about how your brand is perceived and experienced when used. This insight can help you identify initiatives to reduce churn or recruit more ambassadors.

Track brand loyalty and NPS frequently and monitor how your brand is performing over time. Want to learn more?

Study group

“Brand Loyalty is extremely important, and it depends on the positioning being consistent with the consumer experience”

– says Global Marketing Director, Stephanie Illgner at Core Beer, Carlsberg. Illgner emphasizes the importance of being relevant and building a brand that stands for a meaningful experience.

Stephanie Illgner

U Insights provides speed and agility

We put our clients in the driver’s seat. The platform is designed for self-service with fully automated reporting. Easy to configure and use for the most common types of brand research by covering the entire customer journey. This gives you the possibility to test and iterate faster.

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Making it possible to set up and execute preconfigured brand surveys with direct access to one of the largest online consumer panels in the Nordics and in selected European markets.

You get:

High quality survey templates

Automated reporting

Access to high quality consumer panels

Short lead time

Flexible price plans

U Insights platform

Execute and manage your brand performance faster and more cost-effective.
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Brand Funnel

Measuring each step of the brand funnel continuously and consistently is the prerequisite for identifying where perceptions and buying decision are formed.

Brand Drivers

One of the biggest sources of brand loyalty is satisfied customers who appreciate what the brand signals.

Design & Concept

New campaign concepts and packaging designs can be quite costly and time-consuming to develop in themselves.

Brand Performance

Monitoring your brand’s performance over time is necessary to gain an adequate understanding.