Test your website usability with eye tracking
– and get qualitative data from panelists via their home environment!


There are many ways to obtain knowledge on how well your website works. You can send a quantitative survey to your users, or you can invite your users in for a session and observe them while they visit your site.

You can also facilitate a focus group or make some in-depth interviews. However, when it comes to analyzing the overall impression and user experience of your website, a fast, valid and unbiased result is imperative – and is best obtained with a combination of methods.

UX Raptor aims to improve both cost, speed and quality of website user-testing. With our U Eye panel – which is currently active in Denmark, Finland and Sweden – our UX Raptor product delivers on-demand website usability incorporating multiple advanced techniques such as eye tracking and emotional response identification during session tests.

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Why UX Raptor?

  1. See your website through the eyes of your users
  2. Experience the difference between gaze and mouse paths
  3. Optimize your site in a natural environment – with home eye tracking
  4. Fast turnaround get your test results in a few days including a report
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In other words, we have provided panel members in our U Eye Panel with eye tracking cameras and whenever they turn them on the cameras record their eyes while they are browsing the internet.

The data received makes it possible to truly identify the pains customers\users experience when using a digital service\website and hence can be used by companies, brands and the like to improve their website.

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More specifically, UX Raptor aims to solve the problem of both biased site testing and the scalability of eye tracking tests.

By equipping panelists with professional grade eye tracking hardware and our U Eye software – we aim to simplify and speed up the process of testing to only a few days.

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In addition, we are able to combine the data from the eye tracking camera with our panel data and thus provide clients with in-depth insights and useful knowledge.

Want to know more?

If you want to improve your service and online performance, and learn more about U Eye and the technology, please do not hesitate to contact us.