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Go one step further than analytics and make user research with Digital Insights by Userneeds

Eliminate guesswork
Discover why online visitors behave the way they do and gain valuable Digital Insights feedback with Digital Insights.

Maximise responses
Our Digital Insights get right to the heart of what your users need through a smart blend of tried and tested question templates.

Get GDPR compliant research
Userneeds’ market research is fully GDPR compliant – and that includes our Digital Insights on your website.

Online survey
Digital Insights – standard webstatus

Originally created with the purpose of enabling organisations to make better web design decisions, our Digital Insights captures user opinion through a combination of usability, design and demographic questions, each parameter unlocking key insights vital for improving your site.

TV mobile
Digital Insights – standard media webstatus

Find out whether your users would be willing to pay for content on your site and whether they find your news content trustworthy through our independent survey platform with this user research, and let your audience know that you value their opinion.

Digital Insights – standard ecommerce webstatus

Is your goal to improve conversion rates from your online store? Using a specially designed set of questions along with careful skip logic, our Ecommerce survey collects feedback from not only your existing customers, but also from those future customers which you haven’t yet managed to convert.

Digital Insights – standard tourism webstatus

With this user research, you discover exactly when users plan on visiting your tourist attraction, how many times they have visited, how they would rate their experience of purchasing a ticket, and much more! Adaptable for all types of tourist attractions, for example amusement parks, zoos and museums.

Digital Insights – standard transport webstatus

Learn what kind of information your online visitors are looking for and how they view your website in relation to ease of use and purchasing process. This user research is suitable for providers of public transport, as well as airlines and private hire services.

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Digital Insights – customer specific webstatus

Completely flexible, designed with the help of our team of market research professionals. Tell us the type of information you need from your users and let us do the rest!

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Digital Insights allow you to:

  • Easily measure user experience through smart, quantitative research
  • Discover what makes your users tick with open, qualitative feedback
  • Benchmark how your website performs against others in the industry.


With Digital Insights you can:

  • Ensure your users’ needs are being met
  • Action key insights to contribute to a better all-round user experience
  • Show your users their opinions matter.
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