How does the survey work?
As a rule, the survey is visible to the site user only once a day and a maximum of three times within 30 days. The survey will reappear only if you have not answered the survey before. When you see the survey, a cookie is installed on to your browser, which tells the browser whether you answered the survey before or already closed it three times without responding. This therefore allows the system to know not to show the survey to you again.

Why is the survey appearing several times?
Your browser may be set to not allow cookies to be saved or that cookies will be deleted upon exit of the tab or browser. Therefore the survey will appear again.

How do I stop the survey appearing more than once?
The most common cause is that the browser is set to “high security” and may not allow cookies to be saved from any site. To change this, simply go into your browser settings. Each browser has different way to do this.

How can I answer the survey a second time?
If for any reason you accidentally clicked out of the survey when it first appeared or maybe you want to complete the survey later instead of now then you can do the following to see the survey again.

  1. Use a different browser
  2. Open the link in a “private browsing window / incognito window”.
  3. Clear your cookies.

If for some reason any of the above does not solve your problem or you are experiencing further issues with the Webstatus survey, please feel free to contact us for further support: