How does the Webstatus Standard survey work?

The survey runs from a piece of java script which your Webstatus Account Manager creates and sends to you for implementation across your website. After implementation, your Webstatus Account Manager activates the survey on the agreed date. The survey appears when someone visits your website on mobile, desktop or tablet. The survey is designed to appear only once per unique visitor.

Can I add my own questions to the Webstatus Standard survey?

Yes. Payment for the Webstatus Standard survey includes a maximum of three extra multiple choice questions. Additional questions will cost extra, depending on the types of questions you require (multiple choice, freetext answer, etc.). However, there are other things to consider, such as the length of the survey. The Webstatus Standard surveys are designed to take no longer than a few minutes to answer. Please remember that your Webstatus Account Manager is an expert in constructing questions in such a way that will provide you with the data that you need, while at the same time ensuring minimal dropout rates. Consultation with your Webstatus Account Manager is included in the price that you pay, so make the most of their knowledge!

How long does the Webstatus survey remain active on the site for?

The minimum running time for a Webstatus Standard survey is one month. Surveys can be extended for longer at no extra cost, although if additional reports are also required there will be a cost involved. Your Webstatus Account Manager will be able to activate and deactivate the survey.

Why do you have a minimum duration for Webstatus surveys?

The minimum running time for a Webstatus Standard survey is one month. This is because we need to collect feedback from both frequent and non-frequent visitors of your website in order to provide a fair, accurate report.

How many answers do you collect?

The minimum running time for a Webstatus Standard survey is one month. In most cases, this gives us a good sample size, and the larger the sample size the better for reporting purposes. However, in some cases, traffic may not be high enough to collect a large sample size. In these cases, we need a minimum of 200 respondents per data split in order to provide an accurate report. In most cases, the survey should remain running for longer than one month in order to collect the desired sample size.

How do I order a Webstatus product?

First, you should have a conversation with your Webstatus Account Manager who will consult with you on what survey will fit your individual needs. Please see the Contact section of this website to find the relevant Account Manager for your location. Together, you will then decide what additional questions (if any) you would like to ask. After the questions have been decided, an incentive for completion will be mutually agreed. Then, it is a matter of implementing the script on the site, a simple process. After the script has been implemented globally across the site, your Webstatus Account Manager will take it from there.

Why should I offer an incentive for completion?

Offering an incentive can really help to boost participation numbers, and you must decide with your Webstatus Account Manager on what incentive(s) you would like to offer. Some suggested examples could be a prize draw for cinema tickets, gift vouchers, or tickets to local events.

At survey close, Userneeds chooses a winner at random. Email addresses will only be disclosed to the customer in the case that the customer has sponsored the incentive, and in this case only the winners’ email addresses will be made available.

What do you use the data for?

Any feedback data gathered from your website’s users is used for the purposes of reporting back to you, as well as for benchmarking with other websites. The data is never identifiably shared with third parties, unless prior consent has been given from all parties involved, for instance in the case of an open benchmark.

How does the benchmark work?

The Webstatus Standard products are unique in that they have been designed in collaboration with our customers, with the needs of each industry in mind. As the same question templates are recommended to all customers within that industry, Userneeds can provide benchmark metrics based on the industry. The data from each qualifying site is pooled together and an average found. The data is anonymized to the extent that you will not see the individual site’s responses, instead an average for all websites is presented. Your Webstatus Account Manager may provide you with information on some of the websites which make up the benchmark. This is within the Account Managers’ rights, and is limited to such. Userneeds reserves the right to refuse to share this information in certain cases.

What kind of websites are in the benchmark?

This varies, and depends on the type of Webstatus survey that you choose with your Webstatus Account Manager.

What is included in the service?

This varies, depending on your needs. At a minimum, each Webstatus Standard service includes consultation with your Webstatus Account Manager about your individual needs, the java script and directions for implementation, survey management while live, incentive competition management, presentation of the results using our Webstatus Standard report, in-depth analysis of all open answers, benchmark metrics where available, a copy of the Webstatus Standard Report, the feedback in raw data form, and support throughout the entire process.

Why do you ask for participants’ email addresses?

We ask for participants’ email addresses so that we can contact them via email should they be chosen as a winner in the prize draw. Additionally, they are informed that they will receive a separate email from Userneeds. This email contains an invitation to join Userneeds’ online market research panel. They can choose to ignore this email. They can also choose to receive no more emails from Userneeds. Should they choose to join our panel, they can only do so by filling in an additional survey whereby we ask them to provide us with information so that we can ensure we send them surveys which are relevant only to them. Userneeds adopts this business model for our panel recruitment as it allows us to offer the Webstatus survey templates and full service including data collection, analyses, reporting, benchmarking, raw data etc., at a fraction of a cost to our competitors.

What are your data security measures?

As a member of ESOMAR, All of our data security measures must follow strict guidelines. The data is never shared with third parties without prior, written consent from the user. The customer never receives any data which can be traced back to a specific user. (The only exception with the Webstatus surveys is if a user willingly volunteers to share personal information in the suggestion box.)
Please see our Esomar membership page here

In addition, Userneeds’ panel and project data is stored by our partner who has ISO 9001 And 27001 certification. Our processes for data protection are also part of our IT Governance, which ensures a high level of information security in all areas. We have set procedures for secure storage and transport of data, access control, theft protection and data loss protection. Our processes are also approved by the Danish Data Protection Agency for the collection and storage of personal information. This ensures that personal data is in no way accessible by anyone other than Userneeds.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, all Webstatus Standard surveys are fully GDPR compliant.

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